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Welcome to Briar Creek Farm
Established on March 15, 2016, Briar Creek Farm was cultivated from years of planning and persistence.  We researched the area.  We assessed our resources.  We explored our options.  Once we had everything worked out on paper, it was our time to make the long haul from Kokomo, Indiana to Ruffin, North Carolina.  Moving to where we call "God's Country" and planting new roots was our dream come true.
Our farm started out as acres of open hay fields and woods galore.  We broke ground on both our new home and our out buildings.  We watched as our land slowing became our farm.  Our vision soon became our reality.
Today, Briar Creek Farm specializes in two breeds of goats, including the following:
  • Myotonic (Fainting)
  • Nubian
Creek (2).jpg
​In addition to our goats, we have several breeds of chickens that provide us with a generous amount of eggs each day.  Our hens and our roosters are pasture-raised.  They are allowed full access to our farm, from dusk to dawn, returning to the coop to sleep for the night.  
Briar Creek Farm continues to research, assess and explore.  We continue to grow.  We continue to love what we do on our farm and for our family.  Yes.  This truly is God's country.
Tom and Bobbette Fagel
Briar Creek Farm
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