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Thank you for considering Briar Creek Farm when looking for your Alpine, Nubian or Myotonic (Fainting) goat.  Here at Briar Creek Farm, we take great pride in breeding and raising friendly and healthy goats.  Whether you would like a goat for a pet, for milk, or to breed and show, we know you will be more than pleased with our stock that we offer here at our farm.

This sales policy and agreement is for both my own protection and for yours.  It is to clarify terms so that there is little room for confusion.  Please read the terms carefully prior to paying a deposit or making payment in full.  Failure to read the policy or terms does not exempt you from your obligation to follow them.  If there is an item you do not understand, please ask and I will gladly explain.

Note:  These terms apply only to the sale of goats.  Other products, services and / or livestock may be sold under different terms.

General Information:

  1. Briar Creek Farm reserves the right to:

    • Retain any goat, including any kids when a buyer is on the wait list for a given breeding pair.

    • Not sell a goat if it will not be housed with at least one other goat.

    • Hold any dam-raised kids until they reach weaning age (minimum of 8 weeks for bucklings; 12 weeks for doelings).

  2. Goats will be registered unless otherwise noted.

    • Nubians:  American Dairy Goat Association (ADGA)​

    • Myotonic (Fainting):

      • Myotonic Goat Registry​

  3. All goats sold are disbudded, unless otherwise noted as 'polled'.

    • Gypsy and Daisy are polled!

  4. Kids will be tattooed. 

    • This will be done either the day before or the day of the kid leaving the farm.​  As such, please plan on "inky" ears.

  5. You will be provided with a health record.

  6. A bag of feed will be sent home with the goat so that feed may be transitioned slowly.​

  7. Briar Creek Farm reserves the right to refuse to sell an animal at our discretion if we are not confident in the ability of the buyer to adequately care for the animal.

  8. I am always happy to answer any questions a buyer has, before or after purchase of a goat. Don’t hesitate to ask!

  9. Briar Creek Farm reserves the right of first refusal if a buyer decides to sell a goat purchased directly from Briar Creek Farm.


Reservation List:

  1. Briar Creek Farm maintains a Reservation List and will notify those on it in chronological order.

  2. There will never be a fee / deposit charged to be added to the Reservation List.

  3. Those with reservations on goats will be notified after the kids are born or the goat becomes available.

  4. The potential buyer will have 24 hours to respond if they want to purchase a particular goat or not.

  5. If after 24 hours Briar Creek Farm has not received a response from the buyer, the goat will be offered to the next person on the reservation list or will be posted for sale.

  6. If a deposit is not received within 24 hours of a buyer indicating that they would like to purchase a particular goat, the goat will be offered for sale to the next interested party or will be publicly posted for sale.

  7. Goats are sold on a first come, first serve basis. If I am contacted at the same time by more than one potential buyer, the first down payment received will be honored.

  8. Reserved goats must be picked up within 7 days of the agreed upon sale date. Reserved goats not picked up within 7 days of the agreed upon sales date will be charged $5/day per goat, to be paid by Briar Creek Farm before the goat leaves the farm.  If the goat is not picked up within 14 days of the agreed upon sales date the buyer's reservation will be forfeited, including all monies paid, and the goat will be retained or placed for sale.

  9. Without a deposit, a goat is not considered as 'reserved'.

Deposit / Final Payment:

  1. A non-refundable deposit must be paid to hold a goat as 'Reserved'.  The amount of the deposit is based on the price of the particular goat being purchased.

  2. Deposits must be paid either by PayPal (via Friends and Family), Venmo, credit / debit card or cash.  

  3. In the event of the loss or injury of a reserved goat prior to the delivery date, Briar Creek Farm will refund the deposit in full.

  4. Final payment must be paid in cash.

  5. A reserved goat will not leave Briar Creek Farm for any reason until payment in full is received.

Goat Registrations:

  1. Each goat is sold as “registered” and will be sold with registration papers already in hand or applications for registrations pending.

  2. Registrations will include the following, as appropriate for the breed of goat:

    • Nubian:

      • American Dairy Goat Association (ADGA)​

    • Myotonic (Fainting):

      • Myotonic Goat Registry​ (MGR)

  3. The buyer is responsible for paying any transfer fees as required by the breed specific registry.

  4. Briar Creek Farm reserves the right to name each kid born.

  5. Goats that are already registered cannot have their names changed.


  1. The buyer is responsible for providing safe transportation of the goat when leaving Briar Creek Farm.

  2. Briar Creek Farm assumes no responsibility for transportation arrangements or costs associated with transportation.

  3. The buyer is not responsible for accepting or transferring funds intended for shipment of the goat.

  4. Briar Creek Farm is not responsible for death or injury associated with transportation.

Health and Wellness:

  1. All goats leave the farm in excellent health.

  2. If a vet check is requested prior to purchase, it will be done at the buyer's expense. 

  3. No goat is sold with the guarantee of fertility, milk production, longevity, or lasting soundness.

    • I have no way of knowing under what conditions a sold goat will be living in when off my farm.  As such, I simply cannot guarantee health and longevity past the point of leaving my farm. Keeping the animal in excellent health is the buyer's responsibility once the animal leaves Briar Creek Farm.

Bill of Sale:

  1. A signed Bill of Sale is required prior to a goat leaving Briar Creek Farm.

  2. Buyers must sign two copies of the bill of sale (one for the buyer and one for Briar Creek Farm) upon final payment or pick up.

  3. Briar Creek Farm makes no guarantees or warranties, express or implied, on goat(s) sold other than those explicitly listed in the terms of sale.

  4. The goat is healthy at the time of sale, but Briar Creek Farm cannot guarantee the health of the goat after it has left Briar Creek Farm.  As such, Briar Creek Farm is not responsible for the health or well being of a goat after it has entered the buyer’s possession.

  5. All sales are final. No returns or exchanges will be accepted and no refunds will be issued.

  6. All sales are bound by these terms. Failure of a buyer to thoroughly read or understand these terms is not grounds for exemption from the terms.

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