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Facebook. LinkedIn. YouTube. Pinterest. Instagram. The list of social media forums goes on and on (and on and on....).

Social media, whichever ones you use, let's us get together and interact with each other without having to be face-to-face to do so. We learn a lot about what each of us is doing on a daily basis. For some, it's a play by play of whatever it is we are doing at the moment, what we are eating for supper, or what the hot gossip topic is for that day.

Even though I have spent over 20 years in information technology, my experience with social media is limited to mainly LinkedIn, Facebook, and YouTube. However, due to today's craze, I'm afraid I am going to have to get familiar with other platforms. My big thing is which social media technologies should I use and which should I use for what? To me, those are the big questions of the century.

According to Influencer Marketing Hub, Facebook is the #1 social media site, followed closely by Instagram and Twitter. I have Facebook covered. I have been using it as a personal platform for years. When I moved from Indiana to the beautiful state of North Carolina and started my goat farm, I set up a Facebook page for my goats ( ). I use this platform to interact with other "goat people" whether it is to inform, learn or just chat about our favorite ruminants.

Now I am being told that Facebook isn't enough. What??? Nope. Not at all. People want you to post to other social media sites. I think my head is spinning! I thought that Facebook would be sufficient. But oh no. Now I have to learn Instagram. Well, if that's what people want, that's what they will get! But first things first - setting up my farm's Instagram page!

I can now tick off that proverbial checkbox with the start of my farm's Instagram page ( I have added a copy of my business card. Yep! I have posted, uploaded, or whatever it is you call adding a picture to Instagram. Now to try to understand the silly hashtags. And to add on followers to my farm's Instagram site. And to find a way to not duplicate every single post (there's only so many ways to post a picture of a goat). And whatever it is I'm supposed to do with Instagram.

Who knows what I am getting myself into. But for you, I'll do my best to keep you entertained, informed, and intrigued.

And here we go.......


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