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I have been asked over and over what we use at Briar Creek Farm to manage our goat herd. The answer is simple! We use EasyKeeper Herd Manager. Why? It's simple....

EasyKeeper Herd Manager is easy to use. It's intuitive. It's secure!

EasyKeeper is software for the modern goat breeder. Access your important information anywhere, anytime. Create automated health and management schedules. Record and report on animal performance.

Stay Current: Conveniently access and enter your herd’s records from any internet-connected device, whenever and wherever you may be.

Increase Productivity: Easily plan your daily activities and project resource needs with automated schedules, task and events lists, and health management reminders.

Improved performance: Get the insights you need to make the keep/cull and breeding decisions that improve your herd’s performance and increase your returns.

Be our invited guest, you can try it out for free! All you need is the following:

Invitation Link:

Invitation Code: 7f7hv9

Use the following Invitation Code: 7f7hv9


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