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Agriculture. We see the significance of it each and every day from the clothes we wear to the food we eat. As such, Briar Creek Farm strives to foster a connection between youth and a little piece of farm life as much as possible. At least, where goats are concerned.

The same holds true at Shady Creek Farm. Shady Creek Farm is family owned, where they raise black Angus cows, miniature donkeys, turkeys, and miniature cows. In addition, they hold Christian-based summer camps for children. The farm offers, in part, daily bible lessons, horseback riding, green housing, nature hiking, and learning about farm animals and care.

Bobbette and Tom Fagel, owners of Briar Creek Farm, travel with one or two goats each summer to nearby Shady Creek Farm to add to its existing ag-related repertoire of activities to teach the children a little bit about goats and to give a milking demonstration. Each child has an opportunity to try their hand at milking the goats as well. Even if they aren't brave enough to try, it's typical for them to at least get a closer look at the does and possibly even pet them. In many cases, this visit is their first opportunity to see a goat up close and personal.

These children may never know what it is like to live on a farm; however, between the opportunities offered to them by Shady Creek Farm and the hands-on experience Briar Creek Farm provides them as it pertains to goats, they at least get a glimpse into the world of agriculture. If they never step foot on a farm again, they have this day, the goats, and their milking experience to remember for a long time to come.


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