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I have a love / hate relationship when it comes to goat farming.

Right now, these pregnant does are exhausting me! One minute they act as if they are very much in labor; the next minute they are munching hay and acting as if they aren't even close to releasing their hostages. I work during the day, but thankfully have a home office :} Even so, it isn't unusual to MAYBE get an hour or two of sleep in a 36 hour period when keeping a close eye on the ones pretending to be in labor or those first timers that need assistance (I just did that a couple of nights ago), then log in at 8:00 in the morning for that day job, not even able to take time for a quick shower.

Kids are born healthy and bounce all over the place. Then, we have those that don't survive even though we worked our butts off in an attempt to get them healthy and strong - totally messing with our emotions and heartstrings.

In the end, what really matters is the love we have for these amazing animals! I love watching them, talking to them, and caring for them in spite of the "downs" that goat farmers sometimes experience. These two pictures show the "ups" and is why I do what I do - taking the bad right alongside the most awesome peace and goodness that I experience when I am with my herd.

See? That's my love / hate relationship. I'm sure you feel it too.


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