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As our 2019 / 2020 kidding season comes to a close, I am reflecting on all the changes that have taken place.

I have to say, without a shadow of a doubt, that this has been a "buckling" year. Blue outweighed pink by 87.5%. Even so, I think it was a successful season as each and every kid born was healthy. I sure hope they were happy as well.

As it pertains to the kids, Briar Creek Farm Willow Blossom (Myotonic) was retained, along with Briar Creek Farm Renegade (Nubian). All the other kids were placed with wonderful farm families. I couldn't be happier about that!

With mixed emotions, a couple of yearling bucks and a couple of does also went on to other farms. They were great for our farm, so I am excited to see what the future holds for them at their new ones.

Note that it was my original plan to downsize just a tad. But, plans don't always go as originally expected. In this case, unexpected opportunities knocked. I think it would have been quite rude of me to not answer the door!

I am already looking forward to planning our 2020 / 2021 breeding pairs as I have had some fabulous opportunities present themselves in that I was able to bring in some very sweet bloodlines / pedigrees. Can you see me doing the Happy Dance? If you can't, just know that I am!! Though I DO have some Frog Flat in my lines, now I HAVE Frog Flat does. I have also added some KGP Hollow and Morgen Star to my herd. And thus, my Happy Dance!!

I have had a few friends and family ask me how many goats I currently have. My response? "Oh my! Who knows." So, now I think would be a good time to figure that out. It will also give you an opportunity to see who all calls Briar Creek Farm home. Note that they are listed by breed then by age (I would hate to appear as if I have favorites).

Registered Nubians:

  1. Frog Flat B&T Creamy Ingles

  2. Frog Flat Dark Brown Velcro

  3. Lucky Lovings Olivia

  4. Lucky Lovings Bambi

  5. KGP Hollow My Duchess Renaysme

  6. Lucky Lovings Lunar Eclipse

  7. Briar Creek Farm Lucky Clover

  8. Briar Creek Farm Magnolia

  9. Briar Creek Farm Carolina

  10. Morgen Star I am Silver Spoon

  11. Briar Creek Farm Renegade

  12. KGP Hollow [to be determined] Riley

Registered Myotonics (Fainters):

  1. Syncope Falls Gyspy Queen

  2. Syncope Falls Gyspy Daisy

  3. Syncope Falls Gyspy Gizmo

  4. Solis Occasus Villa Geronimo

  5. Solis Occasus Villa Kacie

  6. Solis Occasus Villa Presley

  7. Briar Creek Farm Willow Blossom

I guess I did downsize!!

Even more exciting than the goats at Briar Creek Farm is the fact that I have made some great friends and even an additional mentor (thank you Kym!) during this year’s kidding season. That fact alone made this a super fabulous year so far!

But WAIT! There's more!

I would be remiss in my duties if I failed to also announce that I adopted two little kittens (sisters) from a rescue facility. Phoebe and Sassy are absolutely adorable!

I do want to thank you all! If it wasn't for your support, your patronage, and your encouragement, Briar Creek Farm would not have had such a successful season.

Until next time....

Bobbette Fagel

Briar Creek Farm


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