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For some, kidding season has started. However, as it is early in January, kidding season hasn’t started for a lot of us yet. We are still in the preparation phase as we anxiously await the first signs of labor. Before kidding season begins, we need to make every attempt to have everything ready and available in our kidding kit. To do that, a good checklist will come in handy. To start, we need to make arrangements for veterinary care should problems arise that we are not knowledgeable enough to handle. If we don’t have a vet already, we need to find one and establish a relationship before we need their services. A farm visit prior to the start of kidding season will go a long way in establishing that relationship. Besides having a vet lined up for those “just in case” circumstances, our kidding kit should also be ready to go. As a rule of thumb, the kit should include the following, at a minimum:

  • Alcohol

  • Antiseptic / Hand Scrub

  • Bottle and Nipple

  • Bulb Syringe

  • Calcium Drench

  • Cell Phone

  • Colostrum

  • Dental Floss

  • Dipping Cub

  • Flashlight

  • Heat Source (e.g. Hairdryer, Heating Pad)

  • Iodine / Umbilical Cord Dip

  • Lubricant

  • Medical Gloves

  • Molasses, Nutridrench, or Powerpunch

  • Scissors

  • Selenium

  • Thermometer

  • Towels

Of course, I am sure that you have more or even different items in your kidding kit. Your kit may be built from experience, recommendations from your vet or mentor, or just because it seems to fit. We can never go wrong including something in our kit. It’s when we exclude items when there can be a negative impact. As with all other things in our lives, we may not know until we need it.

If you haven’t done so already, start putting your kidding kit together. Add to it little by little until you have everything that you think you need. Then, think again. Ask others what they have or wish they would have had at some point in their past experiences. Let’s learn from each other so that we can all have a successful kidding season.

What’s in your kidding kit?


Bobbette Fagel, Owner

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