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Updated: Jan 21, 2019

Here at Briar Creek Farm, we are very excited to announce that we are planning for the 2019 kidding season!

We evaluated several factors when considering this year's pairings of our does and bucks. Coloring, composition, etc. are important factors to take into account when desiring quality doelings and bucklings come springtime.

Contact Briar Creek Farm today to be added to our wait list if there is a combination that has caught your eye!


Gypsy and Gizmo

(Registered Myotonics)

Pair Gypsy's sweet disposition, along with her beautiful brown dorsal stripe and skirt with Gizmo's black dorsal stripe and sky blue eyes . 

(Anticipated Delivery Date: March 8, 2019)


Bambi and Oliver

(ADGA Registered Nubians)

We are over the moon with these two Nubians! We anticipate that the combination of colors and familial traits of each will produce a winning pair. Bambi is tan and moon-spotted all over, while Oliver is brown, black, white and tan. I think this pairing is "spot" on. I can't wait to see the outcome on this one.

(Anticipated Delivery Date: March 10, 2019)


Koko and Oliver

(ADGA Registered Nubians)

Koko and Oliver are surely a winning breeding pair. Just look at Koko's deep coloring of dark red along side Oliver's mix of colors.

(Anticipated Delivery Date: March 21, 2019)


Daisy and Gizmo

(Registered Myotonics)

Daisy and Gizmo are not only beautiful fainting goats, but they are also at the top of the "fainting" scale. It doesn't take much to see these two topple over!

(Anticipated Delivery Date: March 23, 2019)


Molly and Dozer

(ADGA Registered Nubians)

Molly (75%) is strawberry roan with moon spots, while Dozer is red roan. Combined, we anticipate some beautiful kids!

(Anticipated Delivery Date: March 25, 2019)


Olivia and Dozer

(ADGA Registered Nubians)

This may prove to be an interesting pairing! Olivia's tan and white, mixed with Dozer's red roan and black dorsal stripe should be a beautiful combination.

(Anticipated Delivery Date: April 21, 2019)


Little Rock and Pinto

(ADGA Registered Nigerian Dwarfs)

Look at this pair! I can't even imagine how beautiful the kids from these two will be. They are both phenomenal.


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