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Updated: Apr 7, 2019

Now that we are in the middle of breeding season, we need to figure out of our does have settled. But how can we tell?

Here is an article written by Thrifty Homesteader and posted by EasyKeeper, the goat herd management system that I use.


[Excerpt] Tis the season for goat pictures to show up on social media, and we are not talking about cute kid pictures. We are talking about pictures of goat’s back ends! They are posted on people’s personal walls, on farm pages, and in goat groups with the question, “Is my goat pregnant?” Just as there used to be lots of old wives tales about women and pregnancy, now there are lots of myths about figuring out if goats are pregnant. Some of these are loosely based on facts, but the accuracy of so-called “tests” is questionable. Here are a few of the ideas floating around the Internet …


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